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Photo Booth Express

Photo booth rental Chicago - What to look for

photo booth rentals
photo booth rentals

Renting a photo booth in Chicago is easy to do but remember that you should be looking for a few things be fore you rent. This could include the quality of the photo booth (seeing if it is damaged or not) and what it has to offer. When we say offer, we are inquiring about the backdrops, props, and even the exterior look of the photo booth. Obviously, you want a photo booth that looks almost brand new. If you have competition in a high traffic area (let’s say there is 3 other photo booths around you) you need to understand that the most presentable photo booth will be visited the most. For example, would you want to go into a photo booth that looks unclean, has scratches, and is dirty on the inside? Of course not… You’ll go for the brand new photo booth just like every other customer would.

Photo booth rental Chicago  - Tips

When you are searching for a photo booth rental company, take down the names and numbers of companies you find in the area. Have everything organized so you can go through it later when you are ready to call.

Always add notes about each photo booth rental if you are going in person to look at them. Write down the ones that you like the most so that way if you do decide to rent them, you can pick them out without having to go through all the booths again.

Be on the lookout for new photo booth rental companies. They are more willing to rent at lower prices just because they need more clients.

If this is for a business, get the best photo booth you can find. Sure, it will cost you more but we guarantee that you’ll have more people coming in to use your photo booth. They will even tell other people about it. Word of mouth is strong when it comes to the photo booth business.

Keep Party Themes Cheap

party themes
party themes

The best kinds of parties to host are theme parties. These kinds of parties are really interesting as the host gets to choose from some really crazy ideas to make a party fun. They can really put their imagination to work and come up with scenarios they can then discuss with their guests. These parties are also a lot of fun for guests. One reason they are a lot of fun is that guests are supposed to get involved in the party. It may be in the form of dressing up in a specific costume to keep with the theme. This ensures that the guests don’t just hop in, make some polite conversation, have dinner, and leave. Instead even the guests need to get involved right from the invitation stage. They need to know what the theme is so they can plan their costume.

Costumes should be Affordable

Theme parties can really be memorable ones. These are the parties that people remember for years. But this happens only if the party is a success. If for any reason the theme is to elaborate or too complex it can become tiresome for the guest. As a host you need to be very careful when choosing a theme for your party. Your theme should be fun without offending anyone, to begin with. This is why you should carefully think about the theme that you want for your party. If you want your guests to come dressed up keep with the theme, you should ensure that the costumes they were are not too difficult. The easiest costumes are those that the guests can easily make at home. Alternatively, they should be able to rent out a costume without much difficulty. Your guests should not need to spend large amounts of money just to keep with your theme. This can prohibit people from coming to your party.

Amazing Photo Booth Prop Ideas For a Better Day!

photo booth props
photo booth props

Are you looking for amazing photo booth props? Do you want to delight your guests with amazing photo booth properties? Are you planning on a non-traditional wedding with open air photo booths? If yes, feel lucky! This article revolves around various wedding photo booth prop ideas. Candid ideas will definitely make your big day a huge success. However, the process of finding these sensational ideas will be exceptionally intricate. 

A point to be remembered!

Always bear in mind that photo booth props are for the guests. The prop must help your guests enjoy the whole idea of “Photo Booths”. Making use of inappropriate photo props will be a total waste. So, think twice before you finalize on photo booth props. A large number of organizers tend to miss out the foremost point! What's more, your theme and photo booth props must match with one another. 

Be Creative, Be Classy!

If you are planning on a beach wedding, you should provide various shells, boats, feather boas and sunglasses in the photo booths. The props used in beach weddings must be non-traditional and classy! This way, the photos taken in the booths will be different and special. If you have no time or money for expensive beach props, you can design sandcastles! The sandcastles will act as a platform for extraordinary photographs.
Be Romantic, Be Elegant

Similarly, if you are planning on a simple evening wedding, you must include stars and white lilies in the photo booths. The foremost props will confer your guests a romantic feel. Moreover, it will trigger them to take elegant and mind blowing photographs! No one would want to miss a session of love and light. Additionally, you can decorate your photo booths with bright lights and shinny paper.